If you walked through Fire: Own what you learned!

I straightened my hair for the first time in three years. I am brave; a photo from below with almost 50!! Plus the 45 pounds gained during illness, and after surgery. Working on that. Again!!!! Until I battled those pounds, the turtleneck is my new best friend. But then again I am so darn beautiful I’ll be ok 😅. Hahahahaha 💃🏼— On another note: The long down time while ill reminded me again of wanting less; needing so much less, having knowledge of what makes me feel content, and also of silence! Silence is a treasure I always craved, and now I am finally able to afford it. The children are growing up, busy exploring the world and life; silence I can afford because friendships have deepened over decades; long ago laced with an understanding of being there for one another no matter what. Continents away, time zones, life going by as it does, and when talking it is like we had just been sitting over coffee, chatting the afternoon away. —- Silence I share with loved ones. – The silence in the morning when I walk barefoot into the kitchen, feeling the cold wooden floorboards under my feet, smelling the fresh coffee. Lighting a candle like it’s a sacred ritual. Taking my old, knit sweater off of the wardrobe as I do every morning, my old red scarf. Opening the kitchen door for the dogs, breathing in the cold, fresh air. — Living in the middle of Seattle there is hustle and bustle around us all day. The city bus going by every 15 minutes, people, cars, dogs, kids, ships in the harbor, and the constant sound of police- or ambulance car sirens. Big city stuff. Any silence possible around me is therefore essential in order to settle my soul daily. Silence in its absolute can only really be afforded when being connected in so many different ways. Also spiritual. I am 48 now, and when young, silence was a luxury I couldn’t afford. Friendships were not yet manifested, changed dynamics. Love came and went; came again and again, but then wasn’t love at all. Raising kids. Work. Bills. Traveling. Staying strong. Making sense of the pain and the confusion life came with. And the silence of love long lost, and also deepest love found, and a sudden gift after years of unrest which finally ended with three words: I am sorry! – and my answer: It’s all good. I am sorry, too. We are still alive, are well, and we love and are loved. – And so there are new silences as life goes by and we get older. With more understanding of how hard life is, of more forgiveness, of being human, and of waters under the bridge. ——- Love and Light to you and yours. Happy Holidays from Seattle! 🎄⭐️⭐️🎄 Simone

9 thoughts on “If you walked through Fire: Own what you learned!

  1. Wow Simone, that’s quite a journey and also really motivating. It’s great to read (especially when it is so well crafted) such positive words. ‘The silence in the morning when I walk barefoot into the kitchen, feeling the cold wooden floorboards under my feet, smelling the fresh coffee.’ Just love that sentence, it conjures up such an image but then the whole post does that. And you’re right you are beautiful and that’s a statement of fact, not one of those creepy passes, happy holidays to you too 😘

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