My Art and Soul.

I thought I share some details of my latest photo poetry session. This is my passion; a big part of myself. Here the idea, creation, and the fruit of hard work. ~~~~ To me the best locations are the seemingly impossible ones. Indoor or outdoor. Lots of obstacles make me appreciate the magic at the end more.The final story on my screen. Here a good example: The creation of my 17th century Vermeer collection. A master of light. His paintings have it all. I visualized the outcome in my mind; the air to it, the details and the surroundings, the make up or lack of it, the hair and attire, the list goes on.~~~ Working with a model which is used to my location craziness, the zero budget and ideas, makes it all possible. This time an old barn seemed perfect: One (1) questionable power outlet, stuff everywhere including my car and a wood workshop, missing planks in the floors, zero shadow boxes and reflectors, busted windows covered with foil, no dust free set for costume or backdrop. I hope you enjoy the brief glimpse into my world. Happy Sunday and stay safe this weekend. Love and Light as always. Simone. ~~~~ Model credit goes to my awesome long time friend and fellow photographer Jenny Matthews Chapman. ” Let there be wine! “

12 thoughts on “My Art and Soul.

    1. I love when that happens. I believe in the hands-on low tech approach. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to be so flexible with locations. I once used a head light ( those on your forehead:) , a flashlight and a lighter because that was just it; I couldn’t create what I wanted at a different location. Plus it being about -30. They came out fantastic. And yes, all together people first think you’re crazy. Until they see the images. Of course nature is my big passion as it is yours. Can’t beat that. Love your work by the way, and your little stories/descriptions. ☺️

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      1. Thank you for your kind words Simone ❤
        I have a collection of those head lamps. Lol. I also bought a silver reflective 8 foot table cloth to use as a reflector. LED work lights that run on 12 volt systems are pretty handy too. ( They are daylight balanced)
        My dad was McGiver before there was a McGiver on TV and we grew up learning unconventional Solutions to everyday problems and homemade equipment for just about everything.

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