A candle for them all

C2B175AE-AA7A-4E2D-B1B9-2652C7939E00Your family, mine as well, lived by candlelight. Often made of questionable ingredients, they were still so expensive that most people just used them for a short period of time in the evening. ~~~~ Calming flickering flames in a wooden stove, fire place or even a candle gives us comfort – protection, light. Fire meant warmth, fighting the cold, and food . The dancing flames gave somehow a feeling of safety. Now a beautiful fire in a stove or even a lit candles ring in the evening after a busy day. Soothing, meditating when we are not even aware of it. I believe that our ancestors lived very hard lives. If one could read, they most likely had to wait for day light to finish a chapter. Excited to find out how the story unfolds. We don’t really think about the fact that we are part of a family long dead. Lives full of losses, fear to make it through the next Winter since a bad harvest meant famine, and empty stomachs even for the little ones. I can’t imagine how our great-great- (infinite) grandmothers could bare losing so many of their children before they even turned 5. Illness, the cold drafty huts, lack of food, child labor, non existing vaccines, abusive fathers/ husbands, you name it. Much of it can be seen on early photographs, many of them in the streets and factories in London and New York. Which also should make us realize that the times we women were mere second place citizens with no rights of their own, still existed less than 100 years ago.  Think about your family, and maybe send a prayer their way of gratefulness, with a full heart of love in spirit for those who suffered for us. They are our  family. And now you might see the love, the strength of them to pull through. For hundreds of years our female ancestors just like us spent sleepless nights with a teething baby in front of the last glowing embers in the hearth. Well, these thoughts just came to my mind. Old churches do this to me. Where we came from, where we will go to again. We are a part of a family which made us happen. I think this puts into perspective why so many cultures thank and honor their ancestors! Makes sense right ? There is so much more to find out —— Food for thought Love! Hope! Be good! Simone‘

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