The dying process is something sacred, something intimate, something very mystical. It should be considered an honor if time and circumstances allow the dying to choose who they want next to them when the end is near. The dying process, at least to me, has an air of birth to it. Something otherworldly, with an inner glow one can feel departing. It sounds silly, but when Ivan, my 10 year old dog, died last Summer, something beyond my old friend had left as well, and was replaced by a gift I had to understand first. I had and have his framed photo on the shelf next to a candle. Every day I look at him when I walk by. Missing his calm, but strong loyal presence. ———— and then I started talking to God. Feeling the presence of God. I felt safe. I felt grateful, and grounded. Every day and every night I walk by Ivan’s photo on the shelf, and one day I understood that since he had been so very important to me, I trusted that feeling – that glow. Since then so many things happened, and changed. Some pushed us almost to the limit, but I always know deep inside that it’s going to be ok. That the death of my dog rekindled my relationship and trust in God is beyond me, and that is also ok. It just is. No worries, it made me smile as well. It’s all good. Love and Light, Simone

9 thoughts on “God

    1. Exactly. I always thought it’s just a thing dog/cat people are saying, but it proves to me that most creatures on earth can love/ bond /love back. The movie The Shape of Water is kind of an eye opener to the obvious we left behind. Thanks, Loyd! Happy New Year to you and yours!

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