Photography & My inner landscape

…..and you photograph the world around your feet, and you fall in love with it. It’s beautiful. It’s always perfectly beautiful. ….and it makes complete sense to melt together again at the end. I find perfection, peace and glorious symmetry with each step I take. Unlike the world of people. I don’t understand that world. ……somehow I believe I never really did. No hashtag needed. No recognition, just the joy to share my thoughts. Like the empty space between two letters. It just is. Period. There is some magic in those words. I want that again. That feeling of awe which lights up your soul and sparkles in your eyes. Like traveling and never making a single shot. It just is. I just am – dancing through the days with memories in my heart. Beauty seen is never lost. I always liked that thought. …and being silent, because it feels so good to be silent, to inhale the world you chose for yourself, and being absorbed by your inner landscape in complete wonder. Love and light ~~~~~~ Simone’

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