As far as I can go!

…….and just like that I knew it’s not even worth a thought anymore! Last weekend we made it to mount Rainier before they closed the pass for the Winter. Looking at the Mountain from Seattle is mind blowing, standing at the top makes you pray that it won’t erupt any time soon, and suddenly I realized that this is it! I can’t go higher at this point. This is it. ————I felt almost as happy and free as I do every time going up Denali/Mount McKinley. The evening glow started turning the mountains into gold. It was then when I understood that my soul had said its own good-byes to the pain I still had carried. ——– It just happened. I separated for good from all that hurt in places I never knew I even could hurt. My soul closed its doors for good to years of lies, intimidation, yelling and screaming, and the broken pieces of who I used to be before loving a narcissist in the hope he will change in time. Some demons we can’t fight, but we still hope. —— Love does that. Perseverance and hope. I gazed over the valleys and thought of  beautiful memories, like the birth of the girls, the birthdays with family and friends, times when the happy days where not yet overshadowed. A couple of days later now it is still the same. I am grateful for it, beyond grateful to what ever set my soul free. Free of guilt for leaving, and also for letting myself sink into that dark place broken people go way too often, and stay too long. I was ashamed no more. The mountains and woods as always nourishing, silent and serene. Never underestimate the power, and strength you have. It’s all one. Wisdom, freedom, love and forgiveness is found in those places. God can be found in those places, while feeling one with everything around you. ~~~~~~~~Love and Light to all of you during this Holiday weekend. Simone’

13 thoughts on “As far as I can go!

  1. Sounds like your heart’s finally let go of the pains you’d been put through, freeing you from the restraints of your past, i had a similar experience like that too back in 2008, and it’d felt like all the weight suddenly, lifted, and i can, finally breathe again…

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    1. It does. It’s like you just are. That’s it. Like an empty vessel after pouring everything out, and there it pools around you feet. ……. and then stepping out of it, and walking away with the liberating knowledge of the empty space you created. 🙏🏻☺️ Happy Thanksgiving 🍁!!!

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