My happiness has a place.

Visiting basecamp of Mt McKinley. It felt awesome, and natural. I know I will never make it up there alive, but for a great shot I would happily try, because I am just stupid enough. It was mind blowing to be surrounded by these determined people which loved the mountains as I did, the cold, the wilderness, still – silent, mind blowing untouched nature all together. ( Meaning probably places tourists will never go, but don’t count on it. ) I was quietly listening to their stories which I couldn’t add anything too. But there and then, with a cup of cheap heavenly tasting jet-boil coffee in my hands, I decided that when my time is up it is here where I want my ashes spread. Where I feel happy, free and alive. Where your face-mask turns your eyelashes to ice from condensation, where lenses malfunction, and where you really don’t care. Where moments in time don’t need to be captured because they are in my heart to keep. As a flickering light in my soul reminding me where I belong. Soul Home. Never chosen, it chose me – I never stood a chance because it is just so incredibly beautiful, cold and nurturing, daring, but comforting, in complete solitude sheltering. Hard to explain. Love and Light ~~~~~~ Simone’

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