Nobody Left Behind

Through our weaknesses we become outcasts. Through our weaknesses we become great, and since you can just be who you are; The YOU who tries daily to just be, to breathe, to beat fears and obstacles, YOU are enough. Never let them make you feel like you are not. As long as you try to be a stronger person than yesterday, or even the week before, you accomplished more than others will ever understand. And even you might not end up in the company group photo because of your inability to join social gatherings and events, understand that those who could have reached out because they knew exactly why you’re missing, did not. And with that knowledge alone you understand how those around you prioritize what’s what. Nobody left behind! – means nothing to those left behind. And with that I point out thousands in the shadows, which help dozens and more in silence every other day. I can’t count the times helping families or women in need. This is a given. This is what we do. There is no question asked. No ribbon wanted. Nobody needs to even know.

With that said, understand that some people just don’t. And with that said, understand that you don’t need to be a part of a group of people which just include those who help in the spot light. Continue helping. Continue doing good, be great, and continue reaching out to those like you as well, which might not make it to the gatherings or public events, but who help, and are there for others in so many important ways. Ways where you take on kids of a sick mother you just know from the school bus stop. Food or clothing left in a box at the doorstep, while ringing the bell, and driving off in order not to make anyone feel ashamed. Listening, a smile, a kind word. Giving and helping. And never stop. Sooo many tiny things you would be grateful for as well if in need. Have pride in that. So the next time you feel like you are left out, or not being part of the group photo, make sure you know that the group you’re in, goes around the world.

Believe! Love and Light as always! Simone

15 thoughts on “Nobody Left Behind

  1. It surely was, a struggle, to learn to NOT measure oneself against someone else, not allowing others’ definitions of us to define who we are, and, sometimes, it takes an entire lifetime’s worth of working on it, and we still don’t quite get there yet…

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    1. I believe this is just something we are even in small ways stuck with since childhood. But I wouldn’t want to be any other way today- right now, where it is good to measure by others’ standards, knowing I will rise above theirs to do better. To be better. To inspire. But yes, we can’t be defined by opinions and stigmas anymore. Nobody should. Another great motivation to keep on going. Happy Mother’s Day!!!


  2. This is great! “nobody even needs to know” Therein lies the heart of it. Not doing it to be seen doing it or to receive praise for doing it just getting on and doing it. I really appreciated this post. Thank you.

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