11 thoughts on “Danke

  1. I don’t get it, can you be more specific? We forget that life is so precious? We forget that we are part of the whole? We forget that out problems are not who we are? No more Zen Koans please!

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    1. This is not about forgetting what is precious and so very beautiful in life. Thank God that stays in our hearts mostly forever. I was speaking about pain from my own experience. Including people .


    1. No, and you are right to bring up this thought – it all counts. But every soul, every heart doesn’t need to break, and stay broken. And in forgetting, we are allowed to heal our wounds, let them scar over. They are battle wounds and seen forever. But let’s look at them without tears at one point, with empathy for those who maybe cost them, and empathy for ourselves wounding others. And if that in some cases is impossible and not in our strength or ability, forgetting is a merciful gift.


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