What about love. Most sacred, most forgotten. Light in the dark, calm in fury. Poured into every inch of soil, of flesh on earth, turning it into life. What about love. Think of its power and strength, for it can move mountains, end hunger, stop wars. For it can breathe laughter and meaning into who walks dead along the trails of sheer existence. What about love. What about it. Momentum in serenity and passion, in blood and sweat and creation. The pure embrace of life. Essence of each and every soul on earth. So what about love!? While you wait on the barista, and show the world a perfect life, evil thrives on her very hem, where it lingers, where it flows. What about love. Which can kill. Kill hate. Kill you. Loves’ absence is our personal hell. Love. The Holy Grail!?

Simone van Hove Emery

17 thoughts on “WHAT ABOUT IT…

  1. Wow. I wanted to read more. As if you just gave us only a trailer of a movie. What is love? You tackled this question so beautifully and intensely that my spirit could easily feel the heat from the flames that wrapped you while these words were being poured on here.

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