There comes a point

One doesn’t fear the loss of loved ones anymore

For one could now follow without fear

The belief to have this personal choice and therefor

Not to be left with a broken heart, and one less near

And with a soul

Which will darken even more

But let’s never forget!

It is so grand to be alive. To breathe. To feel. To laugh.

In endless nights to walk pure joy’s glittering path.

Long for it!

Always, always try again to find that sun lit path.

Slash and wreck depressions evil portal

Be assured it will fall

Our demons might hiss, but they are nothing but mortal.

If they exist at all.

Simone van Hove Emery

29 thoughts on “Fight

      1. I know the movie well. Always been a fan. I don’t write fiction. This is my life. I went to your site to see what others had also written, but I couldn’t find anything. Is there a different link I didn’t see?

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      2. I raise awareness for major depression disorder. To show others that they aren’t isolated with their thought, lives, struggle. I don’t know if I fit in the general pool of poets? Most are segments of the script I write. But let me know your thoughts on how you’d like to create this.

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