Witchful Thinking

My thoughts on my faith and authenticity. ~

Living a life authentic, is about living it, and as such, my life is my altar in many ways. All of nature a shrine. The soil under my feet my grounding strength. If I weave an intent in faith, all I need is my souls’ strength to channel the energy. And that, I do very rarely and wisely. ~ More light hearted: Yes, it is a lot of fun to gather. And I have a house full of rocks, drying herbs and little treasures found along the way of life, which I regularly bless, and often use to weave love and protection in and around our home. Not much is needed nature doesn’t provide. I have done as I do now, while owning nothing. And I do what I do now, as if I have nothing – even I once prayed for the life and peace I have today. My believes are mine to have and to hold. Call me a witch, call me Christian. To me it matters not. And as such I am grateful for the comfort my faith provides me. God is in everything. I don’t need to step into a man made building to feel him in my heart. I respect the comfort it gives to others. Solitude it is.

Simone van Hove Emery

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