I like that thought

The familiar sadness expands to where no end shall ever be found. But maybe it must be so. And my soul leaves the pain just be.There is no need to fight anymore what is, and always has been. I will reemerge. I always do… such an odd thing it is. One of those where a choice was never given.

I am again the mourning of thousands. The pouring rain of their tears flooding my eyes while I stand under this open sky with my palms wide open. Those souls in need of light and healing. Let them consume what I become when in between worlds. My arms around them all again. Trying to take their pain away; shield them from evil, cover them with my tears. If they could just heal!

Pour me the silken liquid. Let it do what it must, since I can’t feel anything, but molten darkness. Nothing is of solid form anymore. My fingertips sinking deep into whatever they touch. The world is once more covered in the soft black dust of what has been my whole life.

Know, that I don’t mind this dark place. As it is known to me. Believe, that it is a safe place where the fears of them all seem mine for a while. Maybe that is why it is so! Because just battled souls like ours can give a moment of peace to them, absorbing the pain of others so very easily.

And if truth could be to this, I gladly take this on. Again it is light which comes of darkness.

I like that thought…..

Love and Strength to you.


Simone van Hove Emery@All Rights Reserved on all Photography and written content. 2017

18 thoughts on “I like that thought

  1. It’s really difficult, as you find yourself, trapped in this place of darkness, and, you’d grown comfortable, in accepting that it’s the way, you’re, bound to live forever (b/c it feels like forever, right???), and sometimes, it’s this sense of helpless, that reminds us, that we need to, put everything on hold, for everything to settle down, then, things will eventually, find a way, to work themselves out, have faith in yourself!!!

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    1. Thank you. Those days are still, like after fresh snow had covered the world and rendered it silent. Not the ripping pain of a full blown episode- it’s a different kind. Blessings and light! πŸ™πŸ»β˜ΊοΈ


    1. Thank you, Christy. ☺️😊 I see every nuance of sunlight, the rays and angles on plants or inside, very vividly. I don’t know if it is my photographic eye, or the stark contrast and gratefulness to actually see it again. I prefer darkness over numbness and dullness. I prefer light and the ability to feel, over darkness. But the choice of timing is not mine. I had to learn to live with it, so I embraced it. It won’t go away. It’s the void which is harder. The rest is a part of who I am I guess.


  2. “Molten darkness”. What a phrase: hot and cold and so very dark. I think this post is a brilliant piece of writing . It takes me to the place , places, you are inhabiting. I do not dwell there but can visit courtesy of this powerful piece.

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