My Winter Night

( A full winter moon a few weeks ago from the yard next to our house. )

I walk through silver and gold

With icy glitter on my fingertips

Snowflakes voiding all sound

Sweet silence in still lives

When all slows down

And my heart and

that of the deep grounds

Finally beat in harmony

Slow, strong, never ending

7 thoughts on “My Winter Night

    1. I have lived many years in Alaska, and have enjoyed the lack of chain stores/ restaurants- and the whole air of the far north. I guess people hate it or love it. In Winter everything is more of an effort of course. Just getting out of the house with the kids or dogs etc. 😃 At -45 everyone just needs to be bundles up. But I prefer that stillness, the beauty and simplicity to the lower 48. And yes, there is a camaraderie because you depend on each-other a lot and the Winters are long. 🙏🏻😊 Magical places!!!!!

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