The different path


It is just now that I realize that our trial is not the illness itself. The real challenge lies in our ability to find peace here on earth. We seek non existence whenever on the battle grounds of deep depression, and just like a soldier, all we wish for is peace. After a whole life of suffering, your body and soul are beaten and tired, and you believe that peace is just found in death and you need it so very much. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

There were and are men and women which believe/d in this peace so very much that they died for it, or dedicated their whole lives to others, so everyone could feel, that peace can be the truth for everyone. Their names were Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Abraham, Mother Theresa, Moses, Esther, Schindler, John, Mandela, and so many more, the list is endless.

Mother Theresa wrote about the times when she couldn’t feel God, It left her heart heavy, and the void depressed her spirit, but she walked on and helped the poor even then, because she wanted a better life for all people, a life without such suffering. A life with peace and love and health.

So I came to realize that, unless in a very deep episode where no such thought will find a way to us, there has to be something to believe in which keeps your head over the water so you don’t let go. Because it is there. I felt it the other day. Even if you are not a religious or spiritual person, think of someone who made your life or that of others better. Someone who humbles you out of the misery you are in, and brings some calm into your body and soul.

By giving to others what we are able to, may it be in resources, time, talent or simply lending a hand; we can become one of them. We can become the peace for others! We can be the person humbled by their gratitude for the smallest gesture of help.

It is time for us to reach out in order to heal ourselves. In a world full of hate, we can do better than that. And if you read this, and want to give up, try to stay for them. Because if you don’t want your life anymore right now, give it to someone who needs it. I do not mean to exhaust your already fading energy, so do not misunderstand. But there will be one in need of help around you. Anybody is somebody! Try it. The smile we receive in return, could be the first step to get a lot better, a step to find peace not in death, but here on earth. It’s not easy, it never will be, but let’s try. We literally have nothing to lose. 

Love and strength to all of you,


Simone van Hove Emery @ All rights reserved

12 thoughts on “The different path

  1. Battling depression is always hard, and sometimes, you just want to quit it all, and you can’t, for me, what kept me going was the thought of what i’ll be missing out in my life if i give in, and that was strong enough, to keep me going. It’s a constant uphill battle, but you can’t get defeated, you just have to hold on to the beliefs that better things are in store for you, even IF the future looks bleak, always hold on to that thought of light!!!


  2. This post really speaks to me. I suffered from depression in my 20s but have been spared it since then and i’m now in my late 60s. But i remember it well. Death and it’s silence would stop the chatter in my head, end the pain and blackness would rest my exhausted body. I love how you turn it around and speak of peace and draw from the great teachers all of whom have passed through a dark night. Thank you for this post.

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    1. That is so very nice of you to say. I am happy it resonated, as I try to help those who still or are ongoing going through it. I hope you are well now, and that your heart found a happy place in life. 🙏🏻❤️


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