I want to love you better

You can’t do epic shit with mediocre people. This saying is old. And I am old enough to tell you that this saying is true. Epic shit is done with people who sit around the table and have a story, and those who take the time to listen. Epic shit is done with people of wisdom, integrity and the understanding that the world is not going to applause them for their views or the good they do each day. Epic people will not care what you believe in if your beliefs are peaceful. Epic shit is done with a vision, an open mind, a big heart, lots of empathy and a great sense of humor in my experience.

Epic shit is done when we know that we are nothing but WHAT we love. Love is kind. Love also hurts. Love is the book we read from. Love is happiness, tolerance, art. beauty and each helping hand which never asks for anything in return. But it is also darkness as well as sadness during loss, and hardship, when we don’t know where to put our love anymore because we didn’t yet lay to rest in our heart what was taken from us.

I want to love you better!

This can be said when we understand that we do not give our best. Not yet. Not all of it. Not without asking for something in return.

Epic shit is done by brave people. Epic shit is done by those who love you better. Epic shit is done by people who aren’t afraid to love, not afraid to hurt, not afraid to be judged. And by those who are afraid, and walk on in fear, and through it, and do the right thing scared shitless! Let’s be that way!

Love and strength to you all,


Simone van Hove Emery@all rights reserved

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