Not Me

………. Chapter 7/ 3……short segment………

If you have just stumbled over one of these articles or have just looked into my photography profile, you might not know that all I am writing is dedicated to those who are trying to survive.

What are they trying to survive? Are they in a third world country? Are they living in the projects, the ghetto? Are they addicted? What are they trying to survive? Are they sick?

Yes, to the last, and maybe all together to all, and even you might not think so, even if you make a million bucks or living a happy life all together; yes, it can be you as well. Just as cancer, just as a broken leg, just as diabetes, it could be any of us.

So all I write is dedicated to those who try to survive the mental illness called depression. And before you look down your nose at it, you should know that some of the most beautiful, well known symphonies have been written, the bible translated and books have been typed in sheer strength through what you would call this Weakness. (!!) Accomplished through a sadness, you hopefully will never experience. It will have you choose seemingly between heaven and hell, life and death, just to get out of it. Between giving up or fighting so very hard, harder than you ever, ever had to fight in your life. It can make you change the world, or it can consume you, and it can do both. Having experienced both, life’s beauty and losses as well as the horrors of depression, you might want to believe me if I tell you that there is a reason, that even the strongest of us, question the next day.

I am glorifying depression?! No! I do not. Heck no! But I cannot and will not deny that it can bring out what had been sleeping deep inside or what wasn’t allowed to surface…..

………within chapter/segment …..

Love and Strength ,


Believe in yourself!



13 thoughts on “Not Me

      1. Im all same and single 😂😂
        And i love my sports .
        Ya i left all friends and you know staying with family is such a great experience😉

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  1. Sometimes, we just take those closest to us for granted, thinking that because they’re related to us, they need to put up with everything we throw at them, and we can’t even do the same when they throw things our ways, and battling depression is hard, i was there too, but i’d worked hard on myself, and got myself out by journaling.

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