The Others Registered & Protected  8XPV-XEYB-OVHP-5WF2

………………(within chapter 7 / segment)

In the beginning of an episode you still worry yourself sick over what others might think about you, or your possible absence, which makes your depression and anxiety even worse. Understand that people go home and worry about themselves, their families, their friends, their kids, their own lives. Your boss and coworkers will be busy with weekend plans and such. Believe me.

It will be ok, and you need this time for yourself. Understand that this is an illness like others, which takes its time to go its course. Take good care of yourself and heal, just like you would if you had the flu. You are sick right now, and the last thing you need, is to feel guilty about it. You will need to ride this out, need some time to get through the worst, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and return to your life. If this isn’t your first episode, you will know.

It is ok to be forgotten for a while!! It’s a GIFT this very busy, and self indulging world gives us. Let them forget about you. It’s a blessing. Breathe deep and find some peace in this knowledge. You’ll be back in the game soon!

Now, while you are still able, go ahead and take care of a few things which will make this time a little easier. Buy some water and juice, stay with low sugar items. Water with fresh lemon juice is my personal choice. Make sure you have some of your favorite finger foods, fruit and bread in the house, maybe boil some eggs in advance to provide fast protein. Clean your house and put fresh linens on, hang up fresh towels. Place a notepad next to your medicine cabinet in order to assure you have taken your meds, not to confuse days. Do as much as you still can, in order to provide a clean, practical, comfortable environment since you know that in the days ahead you won’t be able to do these chores. If you live alone you might want to ask a loved one or good friend to call or check in on you. Little things like this are important. 

Mental Illness, a word loathed like an STD.     I’ve met so many people in my life with unaddressed anger issues, PTSD, etcetera- it is very sad and troubling. Shamed into silence by a society ridiculing a very, very dangerous condition. Anything from domestic violence to suicide can be the result of this, and anyone can fall ill with it.

No matter the triggers, depression can hit home fast, and it doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, male or female, christian or atheist, and it really sucks! So let’s be smarter than others, and reach out for a while to those who walk this very rough path right now.

A helping hand can make all the difference in the world. Provide that hand if needed. Don’t look away. One does not forget the eyes of a coward, its not a good look on anybody…………(end of this segment)……….

Love and strength to you!


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