Walk On (Poem)


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Thoughts that linger, memories to make a night of………

Moments of wonder, a future of dreams

You can relive the past, to understand what it means

Beware what’s coming; those stones put in your way

Mere distant thunder’s rumbling, nobody can lift the vail

Leave the realms of fear, face them all in silence

Your strength is deep and near, stone old resilience

Walk on and make your way; and if they try to stop your final out

Wave those and them away, it is you right now that counts

Survive in strength born in solitude, shield your mind from those who fear

What you might become and attribute, to yourself; those in need and near

And where you think you fail, and where you think you are weak

You were chosen to prevail, you already are meant to seek

The highest of goals known to men, the meaning of who you truly are

Because away from what you thought you ‘can’,

Are the soft grounds of your life beyond war.

…….and then somehow it will all makes sense.

By Simone van Hove – Emery                                

6 thoughts on “Walk On (Poem)

  1. Drawing strength from what happened to you, this is extremely difficult, especially when you’re not yet ready, to face what happened in your past straight on, but, it sounded as though you’re already, facing whatever’s happened to you in the past, so, good for you!

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