A good day

As life quilts the days into weeks and weeks into months, I am looking forward to autumn these last August days. More domestic matters fill my head, but as always I get easily completely sidetracked by the smallest things. I just made banana bread, which immediately turned into a little food photography session, and then into aromatherapy right from the oven, which made me stand in the middle of the kitchen with a goofy smile on my face.

I know right?! But let me tell you, it’s actually pretty awesome stuff. The simple delight over our first maple leaves gracing the patio table, or seeing my breath again while exhaling into brisk evening air, excites me. Why? Because I can’t always feel it, smell it or even see it, no matter how hard I try.

Today I can, and as I have mentioned in an earlier chapter, living with major depression means for me to pre-cook for when I’am gone again, pre-work for when I can’t, and inhale life as much as possible as long as I am able.Which at the end comes down to very, very small things; the essence of what life itself is to me. Small keepsakes of days truly lived, randomly adding to a collection of moments as light and soft as feathers, but as strong and grounded as the big, mossy trees protecting our old house from the storms here up-north. Today the motivation to cook something wonderful, be creative, and knit the day mindfully together with those close to me, will round up this Sunday. I won’t move mountains, won’t invent something genius and definitely won’t become famous – but heck, I think so far this day sounds pretty darn good!

So there it is for good days! I have traveled and seen much of the world, had exciting jobs and met many, many people. I am happy to call a special few of them my friends, and when breaking it down to what matters these days, it sums itself up into a simple center piece of the life I have lived to this day, and the small things I have enjoyed my whole life. I believe if you understand that, it gets easier. Less complicated since now you know what to look for and surround yourself with, what to disregard and get rid off. Make the most of your days with exactly what you believe is wholesome for you. Be good to yourself and others while creating the life you need in order to be as healthy and productive as you can be. Happiness and contentment will grow in such places, you will see.

………….. (end of this segment)……

Love and strength to you, and a beautiful Sunday wherever you are!


16 thoughts on “A good day

  1. Battling depression is never easy, and, you just have to hold on tight, to the thought of you being cured, and just, work hard toward making each and every day of your life count, not for anybody else’s sakes, but for your own! Good luck!

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