The Key

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…………………( Within segment) ……….a haunting, luring tune fills the room. Over 200 year old poetry wrapped into one song is pouring out of a small bluetooth speaker into the late evening. A thousand words come to mind, scattering all over the old wooden kitchen table, creating a game of Scrabbles in my head. The two candles between him and I, dance with restless flames, creating moving shadows on those dark walls around us, filling the air with a warm scent of honey and flowers. 

His eyes are not meeting mine while he sings along, already knowing the lyrics I am looking up on my laptop. What do I read into this? I have wondered, and was intrigued by that lonesome poet’s composition for a long time. I have shied away from listening to it by myself though, for reasons I know. But with him I am safe, no matter how strong I am. Not afraid of anything really, but my own battles inflicted by my brain during times of vulnerability. His beautiful eyes now clinging to mine, as mine do to his, as always never satisfied, never close enough. Seeking eachother, always seeking eachother, trying to see more, trying to read what is not yet written, let alone, said.  

And for the first time I wonder what it will be like, to be without his love and his incredible strength during those times mine fades. Because  this mighty poet’s lot, was all too much for him as well. I will understand, because life has to go on for the living. Even if the dead still walk. And again it is love, which asks us to hand over the key to the city walls. So they can go. And after a lifetime of war, one is wise enough to show them the gate that key can open. The one leading into a bright, sunny day, with colors so beautiful, one can’t describe, or maybe has forgotten. No, how can we ever forget!!

“What are you thinking about?” 

He looks up to me, his head resting in his hand while in deep thoughts himself.

“Life is utterly beautiful!”, I slowly answer with a liberating smile, filled with love and a promise I had just made, and a weight finally lifted, drifting into the night sky..………..(end of this segment)……….

Simone van Hove- Emery 2017@All rights reserved

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