One word Registered & Protected 

There is one word for an illness in need of thousand’s. Depression. People are so tired of hearing it. Heck, I am tired of hearing, and saying it! It should by now be buried and have an old tree on it with a bench. That thing is tired!  ~~~~~~ Masses completely zero out on the different variations this condition appears in. There is a complete lack of knowledge following the lack of interest; plus the consequential ridiculing of a disease which is in need of a million strong, solid and colorful words to finally be heard.

It’s the plague in times where no microscope has yet reached the physicians hands, let alone the ability of many, to wrap their minds around what it actually is,that kills millions. We are talking baby shoes here, big time.  What the heck is it? How do we expect people to speak about a condition which puts its mark on daily life, when most of the world still rather turns the other way? How can also general physicians educate themselves through more experience, if the individual in front of them feels deeply ashamed just mentioning their inability to ‘perform’ in life as expected from them in their minds?!  That’s what this voice is about as well. To open up this dialogue and learn from one another in order to help, and receive help.

Put a black and white cast on everyone inflicted, hand them a pair of crutches and you’ll see them coming with markers to show their support. But then again; THEM……… might as well be us on a different day, a decade before. Hmm……….I believe I rather offer a more artistic approach in terms of Wake-up-calls, Understanding and Compassion. I feel like I am writing over a million old paragraphs of what I have just written, and now the grey scale on this canvas leaves me deflated in its void of beauty and depth…..

So, I will be off to emerge my hands into a more vivid, verbal paint bucket, and will be back. Love and Strength! Simone’

5 thoughts on “One word

  1. You can have hundreds of medical issues, which are your fault by the way, and no one will judge you, but you have any kind of mental disorder, you end up being the weirdest person anyone knows. You can have one out of hundreds of cardiovascular disorders, and even though you smoked your entire life, ate all kind of crap, never exercised once in your life and everyone would be like it’s alright, all you need are few pills. You can have respiratory disorders, and again you guessed it, it is your fault but all you need are few pills. But no one would judge you. Now if you have any mental disorder, let’s talk about the most hated one, depression, you’ll find the supporting world to be a little different. Now you do need pills, but you also need understanding and support of your loved ones and that’s where the problem start.
    Now if a society can be so hypocritical, is that really something we should want the acceptance of?

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