Why writing this ?!

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( The above Photo I took at a beautiful  tribal dance performance during a rainy Summer’s day ).                                         Walking with Scars – The Blog

This Blog is written parallel to my script which I hope to publish when completed.  An offer to guide, as well as to inspire, and help those who are walking this strange, scary path of life.

“I have heard many stories in my life from many people, and sometimes one of them has saved my life!” Simone van Hove Emery – Walking with Scars

It is said you have to be brave to share your story, to push your naked soul out into the open. I don’t consider myself brave. I do consider myself devoted to make sense of it all.  After 40 years of living with severe depression, and an artistic soul, my stories hopefully save a life, or make another one better for the whole family involved. Maybe make others understand that this is not a sad story one goes through. It is just what it is, an illness. There is no snapping out of it, no appropriate timeline one could set of when to be ok again.

If I would have had an easy life, one with no fear, no failures, without this darkness and so little hope, a life with no thoughts or acts of self-destruction and so much self doubt, I would have not started this script.

If I would have lived my whole life with severe depression, but without a moment of absolute faith, absolute happiness, absolute hope, absolute love, absolute bliss and at one point or another, stood at some spot in the world in absolute wonder, and have felt out of this world alive, I would have never been able to start writing Walking with Scars.  For the very same reason,  because I would have never known.

I want to help, and I hope I can. Simple as that.

Simone van Hove – Emery


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